IB Account

Opening a Forex account with us is simple. Visit the website of a trustworthy broker. You will be required to furnish us with information about your trading intentions, experience, and level of knowledge. In your account, you will need to provide identifying information and make minimum deposits. Have a smooth trading experience with iBull Capital by your side.

Forex Market Hours

The Forex market is open for twenty-four hours all around the world. The optimal trading time is when the market remains active. The major exchanges are located in Sydney, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. You will have better payoff opportunities by trading with us during the peak period. iBull Capital educates individuals to become profitable traders.

Swap Rollover Rates

In Forex trading, when a currency spot position is open, that position will pay or earn forex rollover rates. This arises due to the differential interest rates between trading currencies.  Use the trading platform of iBull Capital to gather information about rollover rates and for calculation of swap fees.

Margin Requirement

In Forex trading, you will need to open and maintain a new position by depositing capital, denoted as margin. The amount of margin will vary from one broker to another, and it also depends on the currency pair being traded. Gather knowledge about the concepts of margin and leverage through the website of iBull Capital.