Globally Certified Forex Broker

We are a licensed service provider, catering you top quality in forex trading, as certified by the Financial Dealers Licensing Act (CAP 70). IBULL CAPITAL now has the esteemed credentials of a Certificate of Principal’s License, making us a reliable company to deal in all kinds of securities. The license has been validated from the office of Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Republic of Vanuatu. We have full authorization of helping you to invest in world currencies and reap huge benefits from financial markets. Our dedicated technical and administrative support in Forex Trading ensure you more trust and more profits, with robust attributes such as fund security, extensive regulatory supervision, accurate fund segregation and precise aggregated liquidity.

Building trust efficiently

Trading in a wide spectrum of currencies at a global level in various financial markets is simply called forex trading. The value and the prospects of forex trading are huge, much higher than the usual stock markets. This is chiefly a decentralized market, providing you ample scope to deal in profitable business by strategically trading in foreign currencies. We cater you top-notch services that ensure secured trading electronically, using sophisticated tools and platforms. Your investment is our goodwill and we take good care of it. 

Full-proof fund security

We diligently maintain the best industry practices when it comes to security of your funds in the Forex market. Consistently complying with the set regulations of concerned authorities and delivering quality results for your investments is our forte. From punctual and accurate submissions of extensive financial statements to elaborate supervisory checks, we do it all, justifying our untarnished track of zero complaints from clients.

Proficient regulatory supervision

As a regulated entity with a global registration to operate, our main focus is protecting all interests of the traders, and maintain unperturbed flow of liquid capital for covering client deposits and related currency positions in a professional manner. 

Expert fund segregation

We dedicatedly oversee and monitor the deposits of the traders and clients through top-tier bank accounts, separated from the business account of our entity. The exclusivity renders our clients more protection in terms of fund segregation and also greater flexibility to operate strategically in the Forex market. We also tread the regulated path of administrations to cater you full-fledged technical support while you trade. 

Precise and well-tailored aggregated liquidity

We have considerable reputation in the market to the tune of accessing liquidity resources of top-tier global banks such as Credit Suisse, HSBC, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and the likes. Our super-aggregated multi-platform liquidity system helps you, as a trader, to enjoy competitive pricing. Our STP model is the most reliable model in the market. We support you continuously in becoming experienced and successful decision makers. 

"We have an untarnished image in the forex market with zero complaints from our clients. The regulatory board trusts our brand and spectrum of services as a world-class broker serving diligently.”

Indemnity insurance

We have indemnity insurance in place, covering the work profiles of representatives, our employees, and other authorized agents.