Get MT5 for your macOS device with iBull Capital


Benefits of Using MT5 on macOS

  • One-click Trading
  • Exclusive Support for Expert Advisors and Custom Indicators
  • Internal Mail & Chat Inbox
  • More than 50 Technical Indicators
  • Full data backup and end to end security encryption
  • Advanced account history and data export

iBull Capital enables you to trade on the revolutionary MT5 platform if you are an account holder. If you have a macOS device, then you can get a dedicated MT5 platform which you can install on your device and stay connected to the market.

Many forex brokers have MT5 support for Windows OS, only. But that leaves many traders high and dry. Believing in empowering the trading community, we have exclusive support for macOS devices for MT5.

If you wish to use MT5 on your macOS system, just get in touch with our support desk and they will be happy to guide you.

MT5 for macOS gives you full functionality offered by MT5 without a dip in trading experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start using MT5 for macOS with iBull Capital, today.

Margin Call

A Margin Call is an alert generated by your trading platform when your account value (Equity) is equal to or less than a certain percentage of the Minimum Margin Requirement.

Please note that iBull Capital does not provide a margin call warning. Margin calls are triggered when your account equity has dipped below a certain percentage of required margin to support your open positions. This occurs when your floating losses reduce your account equity to a level that is less than your margin requirement. We advise all clients and traders to strictly adhere to margin requirements when trading. Minimum Margin Requirements on Open Positions must be maintained by the customer at all times. Any or all open positions are subject to liquidation by iBull Capital should be Minimum Margin Requirement fail to be maintained. Margin requirements may change at any time. iBull Capital will do its best to inform the client about any projected changes by email and via the trading platform’s message system at least a week before changes go into effect.

iBull Capital Trading platforms issue a margin call at 50% level. This means Margin Call will trigger when account value (Equity) is equal to 50% of required margin to support all open positions.

Stopout Level

Stopout is the level at which iBull Capital trading platform automatically closes one or more open position to safeguard the client and the company’s interest. This will occur if your account value are equal to or less than a certain percentage of the Minimum Margin Requirement.

iBull Capital will liquidate a part or all of an Open Position in a customer’s account 30% level. This means Stopout will occur when account value (Equity) is equal to or less than 30% of required margin to support all open positions. Positions will be closed based on the best execution prices available at the time to iBull Capital.